[tor-talk] New paper : Users Get Routed: Traffic Correlation on Tor by Realistic Adversaries

Juan Garofalo juan.g71 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 2 04:44:34 UTC 2013

"Our analysis shows that 80% of all types of users may be de-
anonymized by a relatively moderate Tor-relay adversary within six
months. Our results also show that against a single AS adversary
within three months (95% in three months for a single IXP). Fur-
ther, we find that an adversary controlling two ASes instead of one
reduces the median time to the first client de-anonymization by an
order of magnitude: from over three months to only 1 day for a typ-
ical web user; and from over three months to roughly one month for
a BitTorrent user. This clearly shows the dramatic effect an adver-
sary that controls multiple ASes can have on security."

How does this affect hidden services?

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