[tor-talk] A new check

Luther Blissett lblissett at paranoici.org
Thu Oct 31 19:40:43 UTC 2013

On Wed, 2013-10-30 at 01:37 +0000, antispam06 at sent.at wrote:
> On 29.10.2013 13:39, krishna e bera wrote:
> Fast forward after Microsoft has brought Internet to the masses. Some 
> idiot living an entire life in some basement, with home delivery even 
> for groceries, tries to tell me about the abrahamic heaven and hell. 
> Somehow people have bought the idea of an Internet where a world of evil 
> people is turning good through the will power of a few geandarmes. My 
> foot! On all my sites I don't discriminate comments. Pointless spam I 
> remove. But I leave all abuse. That is real life. Those are the people! 
> There is no benevolent savage inside each person. Faster people renounce 
> this kind of stupidity, faster we are going to see people having less 
> incertives to become sociopaths.

I love when people deny heaven and gods by appealing to devil and hell.
"Satanist! Bring, fire...". Well, except when you really drop
manichaeism (which IMHO you misinterpret as being abrahamic-only) you
have to drop the bogus talk about a devilish human being. There is a
multitude of experiences and points of view and trying to bring unity to
those views has only led us to fascism and genocide.

We need to focus on what is a common threat to all of us and each in its
own way, no guarantees. Each of us lives a completely different
experience and has at hands different possibilities to bring change
about. Those afraid of what's coming are projecting their own fantasies
in the unbewußten.

But if you are fighting the devil, you should know it's everywhere so
your battle is lost unless u r Lessus.

Rewind, M$ what?! O.o Is my english so bad that I fail to see fine

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