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Here is an interesting TAILS and Tor-based application and project.
TL;DR go to developer site:

Also some off-topic info about whistleblowers and their trials.

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Subject: Introducing SecureDrop, the new whistleblower submission system

Freedom of the Press Foundation

Visible: Supporting transparency journalism in the face of adversity
/a publication of the Freedom of the Press Foundation/

Volume #01; Issue #04

*Introducing SecureDrop, the New Whistleblower Submission System*

Freedom of the Press Foundation has taken charge of and upgraded the
DeadDrop project, an open-source whistleblower submission system
originally coded by the late Aaron Swartz. In the coming months, the
Foundation will also provide on-site installation and technical support
to news organizations that wish to run the system, which has been
renamed "SecureDrop." Forbes just launched the first updated version of
SecureDrop, and a half dozen more organizations will launch their own in
the coming months.

As our founder and board member JP Barlow recently said: "We’ve reached
a time in America when the only way the press can assure the anonymity
and safety of their sources is not to know who they are. SecureDrop is
where real news can be slipped quietly under the door."

Please help us keep SecureDrop alive and as secure as possible by
helping fund the project. You can donate to SecureDrop here:


*How We Crowd-Sourced Transcripts of the Entire Chelsea Manning Trial*

On May 9, 2013, we made a bold claim on the Freedom of the Press
Foundation website: we would crowd-fund enough money to hire independent
court reporters to provide same-day transcripts of the entire Chelsea
Manning court martial to the press and public since the government
refused to release its own.  We knew that it was vital that the public
have a virtual seat in Chelsea Manning’s trial, and paying professional
court reporters to transcribe the proceedings seemed like the perfect
way to add transparency to the secretive trial.  But we had no idea how
many obstacles we would face.  Here’s the story of how, with your help,
we raised $100,000 to transcribe the entire trial – and how your
donations helped us document history:

Read more:

*Will Attorney General Eric Holder Guarantee the First Amendment Rights
of the NSA Journalists? *

Guardian journalist and founding board member Glenn Greenwald's partner,
David Miranda, was detained at Heathrow airport for almost nine hours,
while on a journalistic mission paid for by the Guardian. His
electronics were seized, and he was forced to hand over his social media
passwords under the threat of imprisonment. He was detained under the UK
Terrorism Act – for an act of journalism. This was an assault on press
freedom that should make every reporter shudder, no matter their opinion
on the NSA. Our board member, actor and activist John Cusack, calls on
the Attorney General to guarantee all the NSA reporters safe passage
back into the United States.

Read more:

*EXCLUSIVE: Clapper Memo Reveals Rationale Behind NSA Review Group Secrecy *

The NSA review group was formed in response to the Edward Snowden NSA
stories and is supposed to investigate the NSA’s powers and recommend
changes.  Obama said the panel would ponder how it could "maintain the
trust of the people" and "how we can make sure that there absolutely is
no abuse in terms of how these surveillance technologies are used."  But
new FOIA documents obtained by investigative journalist Jason Leopold
show that Director of National Intelligence James Clapper apparently had
no intention of allowing the much-maligned review group to conduct its
work in a transparent manner.

Read more:

* * *

*Donate to support and defend transparency journalism!* You can help us
guide the future of investigative reporting.

Support Freedom of the Press Foundation's new SecureDrop:

Support our National Security Bundle (WikiLeaks, Bureau of Investigative
Journalism, Center for Public Integrity, TruthOut):

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