[tor-talk] Project Gutenberg

DeveloperChris developerchris at rebel.com.au
Thu Oct 31 07:29:39 UTC 2013

Project Gutenberg wouldn't block proxies without good reason. The trouble is 
without knowing the reason its hard to find a fix.

One possible reason hinted in the message is they have bandwidth issues. 
Which raises an interesting thought. Interesting to me anyway.

Could exit nodes act as caches. I know that would introduce a number of 
issues including a compromised exit node revealing what was retrieved by 
that node (but not whom for) so if it was limited to a few popular 'safe' 
sites it could help alleviate those sites from some of the traffic burden.

This is only an idea. Perhaps a bad one but I just wanted to float it if it 
hasn't been floated before.

There is probably a number of Tor users who cannot get access to illegal 
books such as the bible or ones about democracy or even science fiction 
through any other way than Tor. It is a shame to see such a repository 
behaving that way.


On 31/10/2013 5:44 AM, Georg Koppen wrote:
> antispam06 at sent.at:
>> Maybe you all know that, but it came as a shock to me. I'm quite sure a
>> few months ago it used to work. Not well, some of the exits were
>> blocked. But anyway:
>> http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/search/
>> Error 403
>> To fix this error:
>>      Don't use anonymizers, open proxies, VPNs, or TOR to access Project
>> Gutenberg.
>>      Don't access Project Gutenberg from hosted servers.
>>      Don't use automated software to download lots of books. We have a
>> limit on how fast you can go while using this site. If you surpass this
>> limit you get blocked for 24h.
>>      We have a daily limit on how many books you can download. If you
>> exceeded this limit you get blocked for 24h.
>> If you are sure that none of the above applies to you, and wish us to
>> investigate the problem, we need to know your IP address. Go to this
>> site, don't sign up, just copy the IP address (it looks like: x.x.x.x
>> but your numbers will be different) and mail it to us. If that page also
>> shows a proxy address, we need that one instead.
> Works for me.
> Georg

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