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Wed Oct 30 01:37:35 UTC 2013

On 29.10.2013 13:39, krishna e bera wrote:
> However Tor exists in a world where that isnt enough, and
> indeed relies on countries and users with (often) opposing interests for
> its marketing and anonymity model.

There is no other world. Weaseling around does not help. It never 
helped. Take the example of voluntary termination of pregnancy. It 
happened before the invention of christianity. It was there long before 
people invented a messia. Roughly two thousands years later women have 
decided things have to change. Sure, a middle class woman could have 
this procedure done to her. Or even administer it herself. And priests 
were more than happy to forgive everything in exchange to a promise of 
«not doing it again» and a nice sum donated. Today, thanks to those 
women who denounced themselves, the civilized world has the procedure 
done in a clean environment so the woman might live and repent if she 
pleases. Backward countries mark themselves by this weaseling. Sure. One 
can get her «fixed» and the issue at the same time. Yet most women die 
for the sake of some god, sometimes a god without even a statue.

I bet that in the case of a Wikipedia where most editors are aware of 
their situation in this imperfect world, the administrators would find 
way faster a solution to let people edit the pages through Tor. But 
people think Tor is for kiddie porn and any other sex practice they 
might find repulsive. So it's normal to come butt naked to edit the 
pages so TSA can be sure you're not hiding some Kalashnikov up your ass. 
By the way, that does not happen in real life today ONLY because of 
christianity. People are so afraid of their nakedness they would not go 
to the airport naked. And the bosses know that. So they'd rather spend 
on scanners than ask people to lube their rectum at home to make the 
boarding faster.

Tor should be open. Tor should be straight. It's its ONLY chance. The 
others are doing the weaseling.

> Regarding the marketing high ground, are you claiming that steganography
> modules and obfuscating proxies are not using deception?

Only in the cases most people think Tor is justified. Read the EFF news. 
There is an interesting article about this. As I am writing, it's the 
latest on their site.

> On the other hand, perhaps allowing for the existence of hidden exit
> nodes would tip the balance of tolerance that we currently have with
> operators of destination internet sites and networks.

People should understand what speech means. And Tor is the best. I walk 
around at night. One night people threw things at me. Out of a car. A 
woman I know was mugged in broad daylight in a metropolis. Somebody was 
telling me about having tags sprayed all over his newly painted house. 
Another one has his car parked in the wrong place. He parks as an ass 
with no consideration for the people that might pass that way. Someone 
keyed a few times one side of his car. This is the daily life.

Fast forward after Microsoft has brought Internet to the masses. Some 
idiot living an entire life in some basement, with home delivery even 
for groceries, tries to tell me about the abrahamic heaven and hell. 
Somehow people have bought the idea of an Internet where a world of evil 
people is turning good through the will power of a few geandarmes. My 
foot! On all my sites I don't discriminate comments. Pointless spam I 
remove. But I leave all abuse. That is real life. Those are the people! 
There is no benevolent savage inside each person. Faster people renounce 
this kind of stupidity, faster we are going to see people having less 
incertives to become sociopaths.

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