[tor-talk] New to list and questions about exit nodes

Luther Blissett lblissett at paranoici.org
Mon Oct 28 21:47:58 UTC 2013

On Sat, 2013-10-26 at 10:25 +1030, DeveloperChris wrote:
> Hi Roger
> Thanks. I need to confirm the story as I got it through a third party. What 
> you are suggesting is a rooky mistake. If he says he was compromised I can 
> tell you for sure he was compromised.
> I will see him in a few days so I'll ask him directly.
> I appreciate the links. I am trying to come up to speed in double quick 
> time. I have some pretty big plans where I hope to convince lots of people 
> too join Tor. but I cannot in all good conscience, if it opens them up to 
> any form of abuse or excessive risk. I must also be able to explain what 
> those risks are. The people I am appealing too are good hearted not network 
> savvy.
> My initial reaction was to dump my plans but decided hearsay was not a 
> strong enough reason, I needed to know more. Perhaps I should not have put 
> as much faith into the words of the third party.
> Oh and I just noticed. I meant acquaintance not acquittance damn spell 
> checkers.
> DC

If you won't take the word of thirds, you better start reading those
sources :)

Also, it would be more helpful if you provided more info as to why he
thinks he was compromised or how/what was compromised. The exposure you
get for becoming part of tor network rather differs when you are web
browsing, running hidden service, running exit relay...

And the fact that he was p0wnd after joining Tor does not imply
causality... he certainly could have been compromised by means
completely unrelated to Tor.

Do not forget that we are cattle on an animal farm which is managed and
handled mostly by machines. Machines do what they are/were told to. What
lies in between stdin and stdout and is not shown in stderr?

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