[tor-talk] Thoughts on Tor-based social networking?

Bill Cox waywardgeek at gmail.com
Sun Oct 27 22:25:41 UTC 2013

Tor has a problem:  Guys like me used to run Tor nodes, but stopped 
after having bad experiences.  In particular, my experience so far has been:

- Most of my node traffic seemed to be people watching video.  I support 
freedom, but they can get their porn and illegally shared videos elsewhere.
- An online meeting of mostly blind individuals was griefed by a Tor 
attacker, who crashed most blind users's computers using known crash words.
- A web site of mine was hacked by a Tor user.

I want to support free speech and other Internet freedoms, but 
unfortunately the world has lots of people who enjoy ruining it for 
everyone else.  Would it be possible to reduce the griefers by having a 
social network of Tor based secret identities?  If I could ding a 
griefer's reputation after he attacks my web site or trashes a meeting, 
that might discourage Tor-based griefing.  If I could specify 
OpenDNS-like settings for traffic I allow to be routed through my Tor 
node, I could get a lot of the illegal video sharing and porn off my 
router.  If I could specify that only people of a certain level of 
reputation can route data through my node, I'd feel better about the 
encrypted traffic I help route.

This kind of idea has probably already been discussed at length... what 
was the outcome?


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