[tor-talk] Imgur blocking Tor in a really reasonable fashion

Matt matt at pagan.io
Sun Oct 27 02:12:28 UTC 2013

On Sat, 26 Oct 2013 07:06:54 -0400
Griffin Boyce <griffin at cryptolab.net> wrote:

>   Overall, I think this is a pretty reasonable way to minimize abuse
> originating from the Tor network.

Everyone ought to have the right to protect their internet use with
Tor, including imgur rusers. If the Tor community wants Tor to be a
viable way for regular people to use the internet, we should probably
be encouraging websites not to block Tor, and educating them about
Tor's legitimate uses. When Tor users discover another website that
blocks Tor and say, well that's reasonable, we are accepting that
using Tor should be a worse, less usable exeperience for all Tor users. 

Matt Pagan

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