[tor-talk] New to list and questions about exit nodes

DeveloperChris developerchris at rebel.com.au
Fri Oct 25 10:40:18 UTC 2013

Thanks Michael

Yes he was running it from home. Ok so that's a bad idea, I can certainly 
see why.

I thought the best way to help Tor (nod to Eugen) was to become an exit node.

Does it aid the Tor project to have more relays, or is there enough of them?
How does the Tor project increase the number of exit nodes?
How does the Tor project deal with potential liabilities arising from 
running exit nodes?
I assume when you say 'bridge' you mean not an entry or exit node (thus 

Oh and I just wanted to send a shout out to all the spooks monitoring this 
conversation :) or is that a bad joke?


On 25/10/2013 7:28 PM, Michael Wolf wrote:
> On 10/25/2013 3:31 AM, DeveloperChris wrote:
>> Hi all I am new to this list and to TOR in general
> Welcome!
>> An acquittance of mine created a tor exit node, I know little detail
>> more than that other than he was banned by services such as skype and
>> ebay. and apparently the machine he used was hacked. Now I know he is
>> very security conscious and not a newb. If he was hacked it was by
>> professionals. He is a network engineer.
> One should never run an exit node from home -- which it appears he did
> if he was banned from certain services.  Relays from home are still a
> good idea.  Fair warning:  A very very small number of sites do block
> non-exit relays as well out of ignorance of how the Tor network works.
> I've run a non-exit relay from home for years, and have only ever
> encountered one site that blocked my IP address.  If you're concerned
> about that, consider running a bridge instead.

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