[tor-talk] Possible addition to Tor

H. van der Werf henkydegare2 at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 23 09:10:38 UTC 2013

Hello Tor,
Recently, I thought up a new software idea which might interest you. It improves the blurring of digital profiles to improve online privacy, just as Tor does. The idea comes down to a program which randomly generates 'risky' online behaviour to disrupt traffic analyses. Think of software that visits risky websites, mails with risky words, uses risky search terms, watches risky videos to jam traffic analysis. Riskterms can be manually added by users to a small database. The more people use this software, the more traffic analyses get disrupted because of the huge amount of data generated. A nice term for it would be 'Spartacus', because people around Spartacus stood up and said 'I am Spartacus', thus preventing the inquisition to find the 'real' one. I mail you because I am not a software developer myself and the idea just came up. Maybe it is helpfull.
Good luck!
Boris Nevski 		 	   		  

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