[tor-talk] Be anonymous without Tor

Mirimir mirimir at riseup.net
Tue Oct 22 23:39:13 UTC 2013

On 10/22/2013 11:58 AM, Anonymous wrote:
> Hello!
> How many ways are there to be anonymous without using Tor?
> I think that these are most of the options out there:
> VPN, Web Proxy & something else?

As krishna e bara notes, online anonymity is arguably impossible. Tor at
least provides an approximation, and it's the best that I know of.

Although VPNs, even nested chains of VPNs, at best provide far less
anonymity than Tor does, they're useful in at least two ways. First,
accessing Tor obfuscated bridges via VPNs can further reduce the chance
of one's Tor use being discovered. Second, routing free VPNs such as
SecurityKISS through Tor can circumvent CAPTCHA challenges and outright
blocking by websites and DDoS-protection services like CloudFlare.

> Regars,
> Anonymous and Internet freedom(Free Speech) supporter.

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