[tor-talk] Me whining and complaining Re: Shout out to Google from Tor users everywhere

Antispam 06 antispam06 at sent.at
Tue Oct 22 18:34:20 UTC 2013

On 22.10.2013 10:56, grarpamp wrote:
> Right... biggest search engine loaded with ridiculous amounts of
> money, bandwidth, hardware, talent and code ... and you choose to
> deny search to Tor users who couldn't possibly hurt your silly
> search portal...

I fail to grasp why every geek feels a need to fill the Google coffers.

Almost daily I read a couple of whines about how Google is evil. I have 
a weird gut feeling it's the same crowd that was brownosing to Google a 
few years ago when they were looking for a Messia to help their sorry 
asses with Microsoft.

The search engine is sooo evil. Yet, DDK does not return cute enough 
answers. Gmail is sooo evil because not any ahole can have 10 accounts 
without identification. It's 7GB of storage for nothing, yet they track 
the poor geek's ass. People with at least 3 iThings owned caring sooo 
much about their privacy. Google Plus is this and that, yet Blogger is 
nice enough to have blogs. Youtube is a reason to have Flash installed.

In the end, it seems a few people in the whole world care about this 
issues. The rest is all about bitching. It used to be Microsoft which 
brought most of the people here online. Before Microsoft there was no 
Internet for the masses so the bitching was less common. Now is Google. 
Every freedom (haha) fighter (hahaha) has a twitter account. Than I read 
in the Guardian how the poor guys were tracked by the security forces 
all the time.

10 years from now there would be another evil entity torturing billions 
of people not reading what they agree by clicking there.

In a world where EFF and other organizations like it fight to give the 
people network neutrality and limit the different branches of state 
institutions, people hardly donate $5 for that, but they can pay $10 a 
month for a DropBox account with all its security issues, they pay $10 a 
month for HideMyAss to sell their ass, they dump $10 a month for 
HushMail to read their emails the same way as Google, only give the data 
a lot faster. How many of these aholes have paid the $8 for the lavabit 
service? I'm not sure there are many donating $10 a month to riseup.net 
or to the Tor Project.


And Google does not have talent. Sorry. I know there are a couple of the 
Google guys on this list. Probably there are a few No Such Agency guys 
as well. And some MI6, KGB, and other 3 letter organizations. These are 
whores. People that choose a good life over principles. Sure, change the 
system from the inside. Only that there is just one Snowden and one Manning.

Try an education. Try «Il giardino dei Finzi-Contini». It's a movie, you 
don't even need to bother reading something else than «Developing for 
Android in 10 easy steps».

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