[tor-talk] Be anonymous without Tor

Griffin Boyce griffin at cryptolab.net
Tue Oct 22 18:27:50 UTC 2013

Anonymous wrote:
> How many ways are there to be anonymous without using Tor?
> I think that these are most of the options out there:
> VPN, Web Proxy & something else?

This depends on what kind of anonymity you are looking for, and from
whom.  The answer to your question is entirely dependent on the nuances
of your life and your concerns.

Real example: my tweets do not broadcast my current location, so they
don't reveal that information to random people who might see my public
account.  But the people who do have access to that location data range
from all of Twitter Inc to my ISP to (possibly) Twitter's marketing
partners to the US government.  But I can have location obfuscation, if
not actual anonymity.  And usually, for me, I find this to be sufficient.

Figuring out the ways that you want to maintain your privacy is the
first step towards actually having privacy online.


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