[tor-talk] The NSA's problem? Too much data?

Joe Btfsplk joebtfsplk at gmx.com
Mon Oct 21 00:45:21 UTC 2013

On 10/20/2013 2:19 PM, Antispam 06 wrote:
> On 20.10.2013 20:41, Anonymous wrote:
>> I'm using an Finland provider 'cuz their law does not allow any other
>> agentcy or anything like that to gain access to your files so
>> easilly.
> That's so cute! Can you point out some time a spy agency was brought in
> front of a judge for not respecting the law. The same law written in
> stone in some countries as «nobody is above the law». Do you know of a
> time when they were found guilty and punished or ever issued an appology?
I'm not knocking Finland.  I know nothing of their privacy / citizens' 
rights laws.  Even if "A / The / Another Country" has the BEST internet 
user, or any other privacy, citizens' rights laws in the WORLD, it 
doesn't mean all (or any) OTHER countries respect their laws.  It 
doesn't mean other countries' LEAs aren't sniffing all the 
communications they can, that passes through those great countries 
(possibly even their "allies").

It doesn't mean some advanced countries don't have the ability to sniff 
/ capture *SOME* of those great countries' internet, email, voice 
communications.  Maybe none, a little or a lot - who knows? Maybe 
someone will leak some documents that sheds light on those activities.

IIRC, there are a number of countries "upset" right now, by indications 
of LEAs from another country(ies) doing communications data gathering in 
their country.  Brazil - one that is upset.  And others.

If you're a citizen of Finland or a super privacy conscious land, that's 
great.  If you live in a country w/ not so good privacy laws (or ones 
that aren't enforced), & are just using internet / email service in 
those great lands, your info might not be a private / protected as you 
(anyone) thought.  From a privacy standpoint, it may? be somewhat better 
to use email servers somewhere like Finland, but it now seems apparent 
that it doesn't put you completely out of the "long arm of the law" of 
your own country.  Depending on where you live.

AFAIK, it's not illegal in most countries for its OWN agencies to spy on 
(in), gather data in other countries, in any manner they can possibly 
dream up.  Quite the opposite.  Which is what many countries do to each 
other - now, 365 days / yr.

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