[tor-talk] What are some free and private email providers?

Johnny Carson BM-2cWsmYXZ1wDRbXAriL1tFwmsm4mbCAqD9Q at bitmessage.ch
Mon Oct 14 00:34:55 UTC 2013

Joe Btfsplk:
> On 10/13/2013 3:35 PM, Johnny Carson wrote:
>> I was thinking about this to get around IP blocks on Tor exit nodes:
>> My computer (SSL) > Thunderbird + Torbridy > Tor (not using hidden
>> service to bitmessage.ch) > Internet > VPN > Internet > Bitmessage.ch >
>> Internet > Recipient
>> Not sure if that's possible or easy with VPN and Bitmessage Mail
>> Gateway??
> You lost me after "Torbirdy > Tor..."

I was thinking about tacking a VPN after the Tor exit node, before the
Bitmessage Mail Gateway, to hide the Tor exit node IP address. But im
not sure if that's possible. AFAIK VPN can be used to send email
(POP/SMTP) but i dont know if what I was thinking about would work.

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