[tor-talk] Tor Weekly News — October 9th, 2013

Graham Todd disabled.pensioner at riseup.net
Sun Oct 13 22:58:21 UTC 2013

>> If enough UK users vote with their wallets, ISPs may be more inclined
>> to grow a pair. ...  
>Voting w/ your feet / wallet sometimes works, when consumers have
>choices. In some locales, there are very few affordable alternatives &
>ISPs know this, when that's the case.

Even if this part of Kent, there are only three types of provision:
cable (Virgin), telephone company (varies but relies on a BT line in
the house) and satellite (mainly Sky and Freesat)  We have Virgin
because a) our landlord prohibits us from putting a satellite dish on
his house b) Virgin Media have lines buried outside the front door and
provide a more regular service than any other provider and c) The wife
and I rue the day we ever attempted to go with BT.

My carer tells me she got disconnected from the internet because of the
high charges she experienced, and others around me have confirmed the
same with their mobile charges ('mobile' is British for 'cell phone'),
so we won't be trying that route anytime soon.

What we two pensioners could do with is some advice about which
"independents" offer us an alternative service (if you have this
information) and any provider with support for Linux or Free Software
would be a boon.

++ Graham Todd
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