[tor-talk] What are some free and private email providers?

Johnny Carson BM-2cWsmYXZ1wDRbXAriL1tFwmsm4mbCAqD9Q at bitmessage.ch
Sun Oct 13 16:14:48 UTC 2013

Joe Btfsplk:
> On 10/12/2013 8:30 PM, Johnny Carson wrote:
>> Joe Btfsplk:
>>> I guess you went thru part of the signup process to see it assigns a
>>> random string as your acct username / email address?
>>> It told me the registration was "having problems."  How long was the
>>> random assigned name?
>>> That'd be a bit tough sending mail to general people.  But, if you want
>>> privacy...
>>> I wonder if there's an option to enter a name that goes in front of the
>>> email user name, like most clients or even ISPs allow?
>>> I guess it'd be fine for typical mail, but the entire size per message
>>> limit is 2 MB.
>> I too use Bitmessage.ch by their hidden service address (SSL). I use
>> Torbirdy with Thunderbird.
>> When I send emails to people I just enter a name into Thunderbird and
>> that's the name a recipient sees. The email address of course is long,
>> but I haven't found anyone that seemed to care.
>> I dont send big files though, the 2 mb limit is low.
>> A trace of an email sent through Tor and then Bitmessage and then to the
>> recipient shows Tor exit node IP address, without usable metadata AFAIU
>> what Bitmessage.ch does for metadata.
>> There's a new Tor Mail Gateway coming online and it sounds bad ass:
>> https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Special:AWCforum/sp/id429
>> https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-talk/2013-August/thread.html#29464
>> https://github.com/moba/tor2mail
> Thanks for the info.  As always (& as Bitmessage site points out), if
> you send unencrypted email outside to "regular" email servers, sensitive
> or personal info faces exposure & scanning by the receiving server.
> You can encrypt messages, but that's still not accepted by average users.
> I'm guessing that using Bitmessage w/ Tor, that perhaps the receiving
> server or the recipient, can't determine the sender's actual IP address?
> Has there been much of a problem w/ other email providers rejecting
> messages from Bitmessage servers?

Yes, scanning is still an issue, just like if one used Gmail, Yahoo
mail, etc., instead of Tor + Bitmessage Mail Gateway. Scanning can/does
happen at a few points along the email path.

Using Bitmessage Mail Gateway (bitmessgae.ch) with Tor means the
recipient see's the Tor exit node IP address.

I have found a few commercial email address (to business) drop the email
due to the IP address, but not even 5% of the total emails Ive sent I
would guess, are blocked.

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