[tor-talk] fingerprinting implications_changing TBB font or font size?

Joe Btfsplk joebtfsplk at gmx.com
Sat Oct 12 18:31:24 UTC 2013

I'm not a national whistle blower or spy (for now - gov't shut down), 
but I'm interested in the implication of changing font or size in TBB, 
in Options > Fonts & Colors > Advanced.

The default in my language package is Times New Roman.  The default 
(serif) size for that font (16?), plus NO "minimum font size," is too 
small on many pages to read, w/o using Ctrl + mouse scroll, or something 
One named font at "size 16" can vary a lot in displayed size, from 
another font - at same stated size.

I'm not sure if named font & size used in TBB is "faked," or if sites 
can query the browser for it?  If they can, changing them would likely 
make me more unique than those using default font settings.

There are extensions that change browser font size, but those may be 
detectable as well??

A quick test on Panopticlick showed when I used Ctrl + scroll to zoom 
the screen, it DID change their perceived screen size (a lot) - to 11nn 
x 5nn. Default reported by TBB is 1920 x 970?

Changing the TBB font SIZES in Options didn't change Panopticlick's 
perceived screen size - but that's THEIR TEST.  Doesn't mean other sites 
couldn't detect the changesVS. other Tor browsers.

Anyone have knowledge of real data on this?


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