[tor-talk] Tor Weekly News — October 9th, 2013

mick mbm at rlogin.net
Fri Oct 11 18:41:25 UTC 2013

On Fri, 11 Oct 2013 15:51:24 +0000
Matt Pagan <matt at pagan.io> allegedly wrote:
> This past week on the Tor Help Desk someone requested assistance
> setting up Tor to circumvent the internet censorship done by the
> UK government. I wrote this blurb because I wanted the Tor community
> to be alerted to this new use case. I pointed to your post so that
> Tor Weekly News readers would have a frame of reference for what was
> happening in the United Kingdom without revealing the contents of the
> actual conversation I had. 

Hi Matt

No problem. However, whilst we do have the beginnings of very intrusive
network censorship in the UK (some ISPs are more pliable than others
when leaned on) we do not /yet/ have what you could call a a pan UK
firewall on the lines of that seen in more (ahem) repressive regimes.

It is interesting that UK users should be approaching the Tor help desk
for advice, and "use Tor" is certainly good advice. But you could
equally say "change your ISP to one with some balls". UK users should
stay away from the majors (BT, Virgin, talk-talk, O2, Sky, EE etc) and
use one of the multiple independents. BT in particular has a very bad
track record (see "phorm") whilst the likes of AAISP are truly

If enough UK users vote with their wallets, ISPs may be more inclined
to grow a pair. Unfortunately, the general UK reaction to the Snowden
revelations seem only to prove how apathetic UK users really are.



 Mick Morgan
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