[tor-talk] Does latest Tor Browser version support remembering passwords?

Edgar S EdgarS789 at Gmail.com
Fri Oct 11 16:12:29 UTC 2013

On Sep 5, krishna e bera <keb at cyblings.on.ca> advised

There are hints to do it manually at

which advises

Keep old settings after update

While keeping the whole old profile when updating Tor Browser is unwise, 
because Tor Browser anonymity fixes sometimes change new stock profile. 
Before you start the fresh Tor Browser for the first time, go to your 
old profile and copy some files from the old profile to the new profile. 
It should not be required to overwrite files.

key3.db and
signons.sqlite contains your saved passwords

and there is a feature request for that, so add your specific
requirements if any to that ticket and watch it for status updates

This was actually my ticket. 4 weeks ago it advised
Can you test this with the TBB 3.0 alpha builds? This may be fixed.

OK, just downloaded TorBrowserBundle-3.0-alpha-4-osx32_en-US.zip 
24-Sep-2013 11:22
It unpacks to a folder TorBrowserBundle_en-US.app. I don't know how to 
install from there. From the comments, other people seem to be having 
the same problem. Instructions appreciated.

First, description of the old 10.0.10 TBB I'm now using, installed from 

Click the onion icon on upper left, preferences, security settings, 
forms, checkboxes to block password+form saving, I uncheck.

Click Tools, options, security, checkbox remember passwords for sites 
(checked), use master password, unchecked.

In thise mode, TBB remembers passwords, and the option stays checked 
through Tor shutdown and restart.

Now compare to latest released version, which I install in its own 
directory. This from tor-browser-2.3.25-13_en-US.exe just downloaded. It 
starts without the update warning.
It self identifies as 17.0.9.

In this version, pressing the onion icon displays a much abbreviated 
panel from the previous version. There is no forms tab under security 
settings, or any checkboxes referencing saved passwords or forms.

Clicking tools, options, security, the remember passwords checkbox is 
greyed out (disabled). Master password is enabled, but checking it does 
NOT enable the checkbox for remembering passwords. How can this be 
anything but a BUG?

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