[tor-talk] Failed Startpage connection problem found_need solution [Was: still unable to reach StartPage or Ixquick]

krishna e bera keb at cyblings.on.ca
Thu Oct 10 18:42:37 UTC 2013

On 13-10-10 02:10 PM, Joe Btfsplk wrote:
> On 10/10/2013 11:26 AM, Joe Btfsplk wrote:
> ...

When you find yourself replying a lot in your own troubleshooting
thread, it may be time to start a ticket on https://trac.torproject.org
and followup there.  When the problem is solved, a report back to the
list can give closure and raise morale.

> * Don't want to whitelist (not monitor) *ALL*  TBB activity in KIS -
> takes away all protection.

Au contraire, why allowing any "security" or other software access to
Tor communications? You are effectively sending Kaspersky corporation
your data and metadata with your IP address, which can be intercepted or
grabbed off their servers by any agency with sufficient powers.
...Unless you are using KIS and TBB in a VM with a fake IP address etc.

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