[tor-talk] More Questions

sam sam at cmpct.info
Tue Oct 8 21:21:21 UTC 2013

On Tue, 08 Oct 2013 16:13:14 -0500
Crypto <crypto at jpunix.net> wrote:

> Hello Everyone!
> Ok! I've conquered the issues getting port 443 to map to a forwarded
> port. It turns out that only certain VPN gateways support
> port-forwarding. So I've changed things around so now Orport is
> forwarded to the VPN and I can "hear" it according to the logs. 

Fantastic.. sounds like it's working. You may wish to post the log
stating this to verify.

> But what about Dirport? I'm only allowed a single port forward. Does
> the fact that I can't port forward 9030 cause the network decline me
> as a exit node? Do I need to be listed in order to be nominated? If
> so I guess this experiment is bust.
> Any comments are welcome.

DirPort is not required to be a relay in the network. I'm unsure about
Exit but my guess is that Exits do not require you to be a
"V2Dir" (directory mirror) as it doesn't make much sense to force that.

If you are able to host a DirPort in addition to a relay/exit, go
ahead! You are still tremendously useful and contributing even without
a DirPort.

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