[tor-talk] still unable to reach StartPage or Ixquick

Joe Btfsplk joebtfsplk at gmx.com
Tue Oct 8 03:44:55 UTC 2013

On 10/7/2013 9:34 PM, Matthew Finkel wrote:
>> Thanks, but - Whoa!  Tor 0.2.4.x isn't declared stable, so skip it - go
>> straight to 3.0a?  I know it's got a lot of ? unproven as rock solid?
>> features, but what about my secret "double naught" spying duties?
> So these are actually two versions number for two different
> programs. 0.2.4.x referred to the tor version which is packaged in TBB.
> 3.0a referred to the TBB version. Your current version of TBB just
> happens to have a very similar version number to tor's. TBB will be
> jumping to 3.x soon, though, as Roger said, tor will remain on the
> 0.2.x.y path.
Thanks.  I understood that, but Roger suggested skipping past 0.2.4.x-b, 
straight to 3.0a.  Maybe things have progressed so fast, that 0.2.4.x 
versions are already outdated, before they were released as stable.
Either way, they're both still alpha or beta.
> I actually experienced this yesterday. I was too busy to troubleshoot
> the connection issue, but it appeared that the request timed out. This
> happened for both startpage and DDG, but not the other websites I
> loaded. T'was strange, but probably just circuit dependent. In short,
> if this is what you saw then it isn't only you, but I don't know why
> it's happening.
Yes, the pages are timing out - immediately, repeatedly, spread out 
dozenS of times over a week.  Also happening on DDG.  I would've used 
dozens of circuits & new identities.  Some were U.S. exit relays.   The 
only way I know of that could happen, is if the site's down (They aren't 
for regular Fx), or if they're blocking Tor traffic.  Or something's 
interfering w/ TBB getting to them.   DDG has also been unreachable w/ 
TBB.  The newer has the same issue.

Either it's not happening to that many TBB users, or;
Not that many actually use Startpage / Ixquick;
Other than you, list users are too busy to reply a "works for me," or 
"same problem here."

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