[tor-talk] best distro to use Tor

Blibbet blibbet at gmail.com
Mon Oct 7 18:59:42 UTC 2013

>> BSD is great, but its does not have the same level of hardware support as
>> Linux.
> That's correct, BSD has less buggy, fuller and faster support of some hardware
> than Linux ;) If you've got rare, fad, small, mobile or closed hardware, expect
> to have to read the hardware list of many OS before choosing.

While I agree that BSD is great with stable old BIOS-based hardware, it 
is not catching up to modern UEFI-based firmware, so is becoming less 
useful on modern hardware. So, I'd probably say "any modern hardware", 
not just "rare, fad, small, mobile or closed hardware". :-(

BSD distros don't support UEFI-based firmware yet. So BSD is great if 
you have a legacy BIOS system, but not on a UEFI-based system. If your 
OEM built a usable class2 hybrid UEFI system with BIOS CSM, then maybe 
you can boot BSD in Legacy Boot mode.

Compared to BSD, Linux has much better EFI support. Corp-controlled 
distros run by RedHat, SuSE, and Canonical -- all of whom are UEFI Forum 
members -- work well with UEFI. Community-based distros have varying 
levels of UEFI support, no other Linux distros are UEFI Forum members. 
Of the privacy distros, I think Liberte was first to support UEFI, and 
perhaps Tails may work now.

Of the BSDs, it appears FreeBSD at least has a plan for UEFI support, 
but it AFAICT it isn't working.

BTW, UEFI-based systems have a full IPv4/IPV6 network stack, with PXE 
remote boot and WS-Management remote admin/control, and tools like Perl 
and Telnet baked-in, so make sure your firmware isn't spewing packets 
before Linux and Tor loads. :-)

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