[tor-talk] ScrambleSuit is ready for testing: help needed!

George Kadianakis desnacked at riseup.net
Sun Oct 6 23:47:54 UTC 2013

Philipp Winter <identity.function at gmail.com> writes:

> Over the past months, we have been working on the ScrambleSuit pluggable
> transport protocol [1].  The code has now reached some maturity and it's time
> to test it!  I set up a dedicated bridge and compiled a set of installation
> instructions listed below.  You get bonus points if you test the bridge from
> within China since ScrambleSuit should resist the GFW's active probing attacks.
> There are probably still some hidden bugs.  If you stumble upon something
> unexpected, please file a trac ticket or reply to this email.
> So here are the installation instructions.  I tested it on Debian wheezy but it
> should work just fine on other Linux distributions.

Tested on a Linux system and it worked fine (managed to connect to
bridge and build a circuit)!

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