[tor-talk] Silk Road taken down by FBI

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Fri Oct 4 15:30:07 UTC 2013

Stack Overflow, ah the code forum on the website. Ok. I see. 

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So now we know Stack Overflow works with police.

Jerzy Łogiewa -- jerzyma at interia.eu (mailto:jerzyma at interia.eu)

On Oct 4, 2013, at 5:57 PM, Gordon Morehouse wrote:

"The clues didn't stop there. In early March 2012 someone created an
account on StackOverflow with the username Ross Ulbricht and the
rossulbricht at gmail.com (mailto:rossulbricht at gmail.com) address, the criminal complaint alleged. On
March 16 at 8:39 in the morning, the account was used to post a
message titled "How can I connect to a Tor hidden service using curl
in php?" Less than one minute later, the account was updated to change
the user name from Ross Ulbricht to "frosty." Several weeks later, the
account was again updated, this time to replace the Ulbricht gmail
address with frosty at frosty.com (mailto:frosty at frosty.com). In July 2013, a forensic analysis of
the hard drives used to run one of the Silk Road servers revealed a
PHP script based on curl that contained code that was identical to
that included in the Stack Overflow discussion, the complaint alleged."

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