[tor-talk] Silk Road taken down by FBI

shadowOps07 shadow.unit.x at gmail.com
Fri Oct 4 16:09:51 UTC 2013

That's what I thought; if the FBI is guilty of selling the cocaine, then
they got away with it? They're using DPR's employee to initiate drug

1) DPR is not a drug facilitator. He merely host the website for people to
use it.

2) Host wasn't located in the US; therefore US has no jurisdiction over it;
they're not the world police that they're trying so hard to achieve with
that so called "treaties."

3) Yes, DPR may have leaked his email and other identities. However, using
a static IP address is one big rookie fuck-up. However, how did FBI managed
to link DPR to SR? I bet it was from his employee. Also, how did FBI
managed to snag one of his employees? That's my question.

If I were to host a site like SR; I would do it on my own. Trust no one. If
you need to hire someone, get it from a reliable source and must not know
each other - a stranger. Of course, any secret agent could be a stranger
for all we know. It wouldn't matter because the administrator wouldn't leak
moneypak to get bitcoins. Never use Western Union, PayPal, or any other
sites that would reveal your ID to the LE. Use bitmessages for secure
communication - it's not in a perfect stage, but it's way better than gmail
in terms of security.

As for VPN, I know several VPN doesn't keep logs at all regardless if they
were subpoenaed or not. And of course, IP is not always static which is a
good thing. And most of the virtual server is located outside of US. When
paying for service, they only accept bitcoin that couldn't be traced back
to me which is a good thing. Of course, USE FAKE EMAIL, and use a different

PGP is grievously important! As long your message is encrypted with > 1024
bit then you're secured! Use 20-50 length, randomly generated password.

Lastly, do not involve "business-sense" to the public that would lead to
SR. There's nothing to brag about except prison. Covert behavior is the
best form of evasion you could ever get. The downside is that NO ONE KNOWS
WHO YOU ARE. And you're not popular except your well known aliases. That's
the beauty of operating underground. Mr. Ulrich is one big rookie fuck-up
and he's paying for it. I am sure he will get a good lawyer, no.. wait, he
got a public defender? Yeah, even if he has tons of money in his bitcoin
account, he would retire by the time he's done with prison, outside of the
USA. Oh yeah, count on that.


On Fri, Oct 4, 2013 at 11:01 AM, Ted Smith <tedks at riseup.net> wrote:

> On Fri, 2013-10-04 at 03:22 +0000, mirimir wrote:
> > OK, I just read the Maryland complaint. It's obvious what happened.
> >
> > An FBI undercover agent contacted him, wanting to sell large
> > quantities
> > of cocaine. He found a buyer, and delegated the details to his
> > employee.
> > Said employee had full admin access to his servers.
> >
> > His employee then provided his ACTUAL PHYSICAL ADDRESS to the
> > undercover
> > FBI agent. The FBI mailed 1 Kg (very highly cut) cocaine to said
> > employee, and arrested him on receipt. Said employee soon told the FBI
> > all that he knew.
> The way I read it, it seemed like the address was for a SR vendor, not
> for the employee (they use the names VENDOR and EMPLOYEE in the
> complaint).
> How did the employee get arrested?
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