[tor-talk] Silk Road taken down by FBI

Phil Mocek phil-lists at mocek.org
Fri Oct 4 04:15:00 UTC 2013

krishna e bera:
> If the FBI had to use a subpoena it means the VPN provider wasnt
> cooperating, but was forced by legal means to hand over the info.
> It would be unrealistic to expect any provider in any country to destroy
> subscriber info after they had received a notice from a judge ordering
> it to be turned over to police.

I don't know which is relevant in this case, but please note that unlike
judicial subpoenas, [administrative subpoenas][1] in the United States
are not issued by judges.

      ("We Don’t Need No Stinking Warrant: The Disturbing, Unchecked
Rise of the Administrative Subpoena," by David Kravets, 2012-08-28)

Phil Mocek

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