[tor-talk] Silk Road taken down by FBI

mirimir mirimir at riseup.net
Fri Oct 4 02:11:26 UTC 2013

On 10/04/2013 01:54 AM, Juan Garofalo wrote:
>     I'm wondering if I got this right:
>     The NSA is supposed to be concerned only with 'national security'
> issues and can't spy on 'ordinary Americans'. In practice the NSA spies
> on everyone paying no attention to 'legal' restraints.
>     If the NSA happens to find the location of, say, a 'criminal' tor
> hidden service, the NSA will forward the information to the pertinent
> 'agency', say, the DEA, and the DEA  will lie about how they got the
> information, presenting a 'plausible' alternate explanation. Is that how
> they basically operate?

Yes, that sounds about right.

But, how would we know that?

Here, it's more plausible that the found his hosting provider through
his bank or credit card account, or through his gmail address. No?

Why assume conspiracy, when there's so much obvious stupidity?

Of course, the FBI could be totally lying in the complaint.

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