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Mike Perry mikeperry at torproject.org
Thu Oct 3 05:08:36 UTC 2013

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> Answering my own question:
> http://www.buzzfeed.com/jwherrman/silk-road-confessions-we-were-not-harming-anyone-they-just-m

This extended quote was very well said.

At the risk of escalating the war on privacy, I feel I must say this:
Aside from the alleged attempted contract killing by the Silk Road admin
(which is of course despicable), I had always felt that if Silk Road and
anonymity could take the violence and personal risk out of the drug war,
it was a net positive.

Really, the drug war is beyond absurd, and even the violence that
apparently did happen on Silk Road can almost certainly be attributed to
the social effects of prohibition and related pressures. :/

Mike Perry
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