[tor-talk] Provider for relay

securetux at hushmail.me securetux at hushmail.me
Fri Nov 29 15:26:50 UTC 2013

	Thank you guys, I will have a look.... 

	By the way...Thank you Moritz for all the hard work!

On 2013 novembre 28 at 6:56 PM, "Peter Tonoli"  wrote:  Hi,

On 11/29/13, 3:16 AM, securetux at hushmail.me wrote:
> I ran a TOR relay (cheap vserver;no exit) for a couple of years
> without any issues. It pushed around 600GB of traffic every month.
> day the provider stopped my server and said that they don’t accept
> TOR servers.

Could you do us all a favour and add that provider to 
, so that 
noone else gets into the same situation you were in?

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