[tor-talk] Provider for relay

securetux at hushmail.me securetux at hushmail.me
Thu Nov 28 16:16:13 UTC 2013

 Hi, I know this question has been answered before but I would like to
get an up to date opinion. 

	I ran a TOR relay (cheap vserver;no exit) for a couple of years
without any issues. It pushed around 600GB of traffic every month. One
day the provider stopped my server and said that they don’t accept
TOR servers. I argued a bit and I told them I could lower the traffic
(even if the limit was announced with 600GB/month) but they said that
they are not interested doing business with me anymore. Great! Now the
message was clear! I also prepaid for one year, so they had still
about 100€ and I asked to get it back. They answered that they will
refund the money but that never happened.  

	Now that I recovered from this insistent :-) , I would like to
contribute again but I have no idea which provider I should choose. I
want to run a relay (no exit) and I’m looking for a cheap option
without any hassle.  

	 Thanks a lot,

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