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On Tue, 26 Nov 2013 10:54:58 +0000
Mike Cardwell <tor at lists.grepular.com> allegedly wrote:

> If I, as a random geek, wanted to mess around with MITM attacks to see
> what information I could steal, I have a few options: I could do it
> on my LAN at home, targetting friends and family. I could do it at
> work and risk my job. I could go to somewhere with an open wifi hot
> spot and target a couple of coffee drinkers reading the news. Or I
> could spend a couple of minutes setting up a Tor exit node from the
> comfort of my office, getting sustained access to the traffic of
> thousands of strangers all over the World. This is why I think
> malicious Tor Exit nodes are widespread: Because setting them up is
> easy, attractive and safe.

Agreed. One simple and excellent example would be Dan Egerstad's
interception of POP/IMAP UID/passwds back in 2007. That just happens to
be public knowledge. Much else probably goes on, but is not public

As Egerstad reportedly said at the time:

For example, several Tor nodes in the Washington, D.C., area can handle
up to 10TB of data a month, a flow of data that would cost at least
$5,000 a month to run, and is likely way out the range of volunteers
who run a node on their own money, Egerstad said.

"Who would pay for that?" Egerstad said.



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