[tor-talk] tordns incapable of MX lookups (was Basics of secure email platform)

tor at lists.grepular.com tor at lists.grepular.com
Sun Nov 24 01:04:55 UTC 2013

> >>   1) Create a list of tor exit nodes that do not block port 25
> >>   2) Command the tor daemon to exit those nodes exclusively.
> >SSL-SMTP configured to works over 465 port in most cases.
> On Windows Yes.
> SMTP over ssl/tls is configured on port 25. Starttls, aca
> submission, is configured for port 587

You guys are getting hung up on the wrong thing.  Before talking ports
(which is a non-issue), realize that tordns cannot do an MX lookup.
This remains the biggest hurdle to sending mail.

Postfix must run with a transparent proxy (no SOCKS proxy capability),
so it relies wholly on tordns for MX lookups.  

Torsocks has a (now broken) feature to disable TorDNS.  If tordns
could be disabled, then postfix could do an MX lookup.  It would be a
leak, but at least it would work.  At the moment, the tordns disabler
has been removed, so there is no hope of running a mail
server... Unless someone comes up with a SOCKS-capable mail server.

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