[tor-talk] "Safeplug"

Roman Mamedov rm at romanrm.net
Sat Nov 23 20:42:24 UTC 2013

Some more information from [1]

- "users can whitelist certain sites so that their use is not run through Tor."

- "Users can also set up Safeplug to work on a per-browser basis, so for
  example Firefox may always run through Tor while Chrome won’t."

- "users can also set themselves up as Tor nodes to help others surf
  anonymously (the default setting for this is “off” as it has bandwidth

- "People who are sceptical can look at the Linux level(sic) and see exactly
  what processes are running. Technical users can look inside the box and feel
  safe that it’s only running Tor.”"

- "Pogoplug has even made firmware updates for the device pull-only, not push
  – “If we pushed, we’d have to track all the boxes. It’s pull-based for
  security reasons.”"


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