[tor-talk] "Safeplug"

Mark McCarron mark.mccarron at live.co.uk
Sat Nov 23 14:22:48 UTC 2013

How about a certification program?  A company can donate some funds to have their product evaluated and if successful gain "TOR Certified" status.  It would stop all this nonsense and provide everyone the opportunity to request specific features or amendments to designs.

I understand that no one wants to become a gatekeeper, but ensuring the integrity of the underlying platform is critical.

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> On Fri, Nov 22, 2013 at 09:48:57PM -0500, griffin at cryptolab.net wrote 1.4K bytes in 0 lines about:
> :   Perhaps your most pressing concern should be about whether or not it
> : protects its users, given that it's using Tor as the vehicle to attempt
> : that.  And any failure to do so would have the side-effect of making Tor
> I have lots of concerns, but I'm trying to discuss them with Cloud
> Engines first, before responding to the handful of reporters looking for
> quotes. The world press seems to want us at Tor to come out swinging and
> just simply bash the Safeplug. Rather than simply hand over pageviews
> to press properties, I'd like a real discussion with the Safeplug people
> first. Working off facts and understanding their side is more important
> to me than simply reacting with only half the story. The community here
> seems to be doing a fine job of raising questions.
> When I have a response from them, I'll either encourage them to respond
> or share what I've learned.
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