[tor-talk] "Safeplug"

Griffin Boyce griffin at cryptolab.net
Sat Nov 23 02:48:57 UTC 2013

andrew at torproject.is wrote:
> Out of all the concerns about how they implemented it and such, my
> main concern is that it just adds more clients to the network without
> giving back in the form of relays or bridges. Or at least, none of
> their documentation mentions the ability to share freedom and privacy
> with others.
> However, this looks like a fine test case for consumer-level torouter
> market analysis. It would be great to learn 6 months from now how many
> they sold and a summary of customer feedback.

  Perhaps your most pressing concern should be about whether or not it
protects its users, given that it's using Tor as the vehicle to attempt
that.  And any failure to do so would have the side-effect of making Tor
look bad (on top of the glaring and potentially serious privacy concerns
for users).

  While it's important to have as much marketing data as possible, it
certainly should not be on the forefront of your mind.  It would also be
only minimally useful -- particularly when compared to actively gaging
user interest at events like 30c3.


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