[tor-talk] "Safeplug"

Mike Cardwell tor at lists.grepular.com
Fri Nov 22 17:34:10 UTC 2013

* on the Fri, Nov 22, 2013 at 08:38:40AM -0500, krishna e bera wrote:

> When people are switched over to Tor without their informed enthusiastic
> consent, they are likely in for disappointment and you are in for a lot
> of tech support calls.  Some websites will be blocked and most of their
> internet use will be much slower than they are accustomed to.  They
> might even call the ISP and find out the hard way what happened.  It
> could backfire and turn them against Tor and break their trust in you.

They probably wont be happy when their bank locks them out of their
account for accessing it from multiple different countries in a short
period of time too.

You shouldn't just route people through Tor without their knowledge.
They need to understand the risks and adapt their use accordingly.

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