[tor-talk] Orbot for Android

Sean Lynch seanl at literati.org
Thu Nov 21 22:58:32 UTC 2013

On Thu, Nov 21 2013, anonymous coward wrote:

> Hello,
> I consider to use Orbot on my Android 4.x device. I have some questions
> about Orbot.
> How mature is Orbot? Is it generally safe to use?
> How does it work technically, is it a kind of proxy app or does it work
> like a VPN software?
> When you start Orbot on a Droid, do all network applications
> automagically use Orbot or do you need to configure proxy settings
> within your apps?
> In other words, do Android apps need to have proxy settings in order to
> make use of Orbot?

I don't know about maturity or safety, but it's a proxy, and you must
configure apps to use it. It does not secure communications

Sean Richard Lynch <seanl at literati.org>
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