[tor-talk] Can Google location system track TOR users?

Lunar lunar at torproject.org
Thu Nov 21 08:56:04 UTC 2013

> It time and viable to include on TOR a mechanism, or companion
> software, to generate fake wi-fi networks near-by the user, but using
> real wi-fi SSID existing on other places, creating confusion to the
> wi-fi position system, making harder to identify the user location
> using this technique?

IMHO, this is out of Tor's scope. What is needed here is hardware and
software we control and that will not report one's location without

Using Tails on a computer which has has no Wi-Fi, no Bluetooth and no
GPS should do the trick if you want to be pretty sure your location will
not be known. On many computers you can still physically remove these

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