[tor-talk] Social scientific research on Tor and similar technologies

mick mbm at rlogin.net
Wed Nov 20 11:07:11 UTC 2013

On Wed, 20 Nov 2013 10:23:58 +0200
Lars Noodén <lars.nooden at gmail.com> allegedly wrote:

> On 11/20/2013 05:41 AM, Jonas Bruun wrote:
> > ... I have therefore created a questionnaire for users of such
> > technologies...
> Doesn't Survey Monkey require javascript of its visitors?  You won't
> get many people that value their privacy that way.  You might
> consider a more appropriate survey tool, one that works with plain

Comparisons at


Canadians aren't keen


there are free FLOSS alternatives


And if you aren't keen on clicking random links in email, just search
for "surveymonkey privacy" or similar.



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