[tor-talk] New to TOR

Joe Btfsplk joebtfsplk at gmx.com
Sun Nov 17 16:31:58 UTC 2013

Unless you have *permanently* static IP address, you can force a new 
address, by:

rebooting your modem / gateway; or
accessing modem's EWS (GUI) & there's almost always an option to 
disconnect / reconnect to the ISP, causing a new IP to be assigned.

I'd wait "just a bit," to sign up w/ a new IP.  The site could have 
100's / 1000's of members using same ISP as you, or could have very few.

On 11/17/2013 7:01 AM, SimBlip at aol.com wrote:
> I received an account-ban from a web-site. I stood accused of violating
> challenge rules and was cut off from a community I had grown to love  dearly.
> I can no longer post messages and/or send private messages.
> I would like to re-enter this web-site under a new identity, but I am
> afraid it checks IP addresses.
> I was wondering if a program such as TOR could help me out.
> Would TOR affect my existing accounts with other web-sites? I do most  of
> my shopping and banking over the Internet.
> I have not downloaded TOR yet. How will I know it works if I do?
> Thank you.

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