[tor-talk] New to TOR

Manfred Ackermann yo at acki.es
Sun Nov 17 13:18:09 UTC 2013


Install the tor browser bundle ... it starts with its own firefox instance
with the tor browser check as startpage. At the firefox preferences of this
instance you can exclude your shopping and bank websites so they won't be
routed through the tor network.

And IP ban on a community website I can't imagine...
Hope ist helps, Manfred

Am 17.11.2013 13:11 schrieb <SimBlip at aol.com>:

> I received an account-ban from a web-site. I stood accused of violating
> challenge rules and was cut off from a community I had grown to love
>  dearly.
> I can no longer post messages and/or send private messages.
> I would like to re-enter this web-site under a new identity, but I am
> afraid it checks IP addresses.
> I was wondering if a program such as TOR could help me out.
> Would TOR affect my existing accounts with other web-sites? I do most  of
> my shopping and banking over the Internet.
> I have not downloaded TOR yet. How will I know it works if I do?
> Thank you.
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