[tor-talk] Is it possible to access healthcare.gov through Tor?

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Sat Nov 16 20:41:15 UTC 2013

> As for sites that block tor, has anyone set up a centralized place where
> we can post and confirm which sites have blocking models which appear to
> block tor users? It would be nice to simply see the breadth of sites
> that are either outright blocking tor
> ... (and what methods are being used).

There's something like that here.

There should probably be a small demonstrative list of
services per category that have chosen to not block
Tor as powerful counter examples.

> plus those which put up some captcha/human check

Captcha doesn't really qualify as a Tor block, and is a
solution that is not unique to Tor. So listing sites with
captcha would not serve any purpose. Though providing
a list of captcha engines could help, services that don't
use any could pick from and incorporate.

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