[tor-talk] P2P Data Not Private, But It Could Be

Rick rerushg at gmail.com
Fri Nov 15 01:39:14 UTC 2013

Interesting article by Bennett Haselton in Slashdot today. I mention 
here for those who may have missed it:

"/A court rules that law enforcement did not improperly 'search' 
defendants' computers by downloading files that the computers were 
sharing via P2P software. This seems like a reasonable ruling, but such 
cases may become rare if P2P software evolves to the point where all 
downloads are routed anonymously through other users' computers."

Another interesting point:
/"Bandwidth continues to get faster and cheaper. Today, if you download 
a 100-megabyte file by routing your download through three other users' 
computers, it will usually be much slower and more inconvenient than if 
you'd downloaded the file directly. In a few years, you won't notice the 

It's a good read; probably worth a few minutes.

I'd post the link but that creeps some folks out. Just go to Slashdot 
(.org) and look for it. Posted today (11/14). Title same as subject line 


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