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Seattle-area subscribers, please note the presentations from Damian 
Johnson and Lee Colleton at upcoming TA3M Seattle, last part of below 
message. Hope to see you there!

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Subject: [announce] TA3M-Seattle #3, Mon 11/18
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2013 11:50:38 -0800
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What:  TA3M-Seattle #3
When:  November 18, 2013, 6:30-9:00pm
Where: Adas Technical Books
        (425 15th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112;


TA3M-Seattle (Techno-Activism, 3rd Mondays) is a monthly event focusing
on online surveillance and censorship, open access, and open technology.
We focus on the open source tools that are used to combat it, and issues
and initiatives associated with this area. We bring together software
developers, activists, concerned citizens, and others, so we they can
both educate each other, and share knowledge. TA3M events take place in
dozens of cities worldwide; Seattle started in August 2013. For Seattle,
please see the wiki and ta3m-seattle announce mailing list.


This month, we are lucky to have three speakers, lots of interesting
things to learn! There are two Tor talks, the first is for developers
(but users can also benefit from it), the second is for users. Note also
the new location! [We could use A/V recording help, if anyone has the


New Location: Adas Books

For the last two months, we've been very grateful to have been hosted by
Black Coffee CoOp <http://blackcoffeecoop.com/>. Starting this month
we'll be hosted at Ada's Technical Books, 425 15th Ave E, Seattle, WA
98112, <http://adasbooks.com/>. We started TA3M #0 in August at Ada's;
since then they've moved to a new location with a larger event space.



6:30-7:00, pre-event networking: CryptoParty Handbook
            study group, or Swartz Hackathon projects
7:00-7:05, Chris, welcome to TA3M Seattle
7:05-7-20, Lisha Sterling, "Introducing Geeks Without Bounds
            and Random Hacks of Kindness"
7:20-7:25, break
7:25-?:??, Damian Johnson, "Tor Ecosystem: Developers Guide
            to Contributing to the Tor Project"
?:??-?:??, break
?:??-9:00, Lee Colleton, "Operating nodes in the Tor network"


Pre-event activity:

Last month, we tried to start a study group for the Crypto Party
Handbook, but only a handful were ready. This month, during the
6:30-7:00 pre-event networking period, we'll try to split into two
groups: 1) Continue the Crypto Party Handbook study group. Please read
chapter 2 in advance, and come with any open questions/comments. Or 2)
Continue working on any projects started at the recent Aaron Swartz


Lisha Sterling, "Introducing Geeks Without Bounds and Random Hacks of

Our first speaker is Lisha Sterling. In this presentation, "Introducing
Geeks Without Bounds and Random Hacks of Kindness", Lisha will tell us
about how GWOB supports humanitarian open source projects by organizing
hackathons like the semi-annual global RHoK events and by mentoring
promising projects through their accelerator program.

Lisha is the Developer Coordinator at GWOB and serves as one of the
technical mentors in the accelerator. You can read her very short rants
on Twitter at @lishevita or read her longer adventures in tech at


Damian Johnson, "Tor Ecosystem: Developers Guide to Contributing to the
Tor Project"

Our second speaker is Damian Johnson, a local volunteer Tor Developer.
In this presentation, "Tor Ecosystem: Developers Guide to Contributing
to the Tor Project", Damian will describe the myriad of sub-projects in
the Tor ecosystem and how you can get involved with development.

Damian is has been a volunteer with the Tor project since 2009, and is
the main author behind arm <https://www.atagar.com/arm/> and stem


Lee Colleton, "Operating nodes in the Tor network"

Our third speaker is Lee Colleton. In this presentation, "Operating
nodes in the Tor network" in the support and defense of free speech,
free association and protecting anonymity online, Lee will be
demonstrating the setup and operation of Tor on various platforms: on a
desktop computer, on a tiny router and also on an Android device in the
form of Orbot from The Guardian Project. Hardware will be given away
free to attendees who agree to run a Tor node.

Lee is a systems administrator and a member of the Seattle Privacy


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