[tor-talk] More and more websites block Tor, which will eventually become useless!

Juan Garofalo juan.g71 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 11 00:21:02 UTC 2013

--On Monday, November 11, 2013 2:44 AM +0400 Akater
<nuclearspace at gmail.com> wrote:

> Any VPN provider will sell you out if big brother tells it to.
> The structure of Tor perfectly reflects the ultimate inherent freedom of
> Internet: if users act properly, one can't control Internet without
> turning himself into an omniscient dictator. Hence, using Tor as a mere
> proxy tool is tremendous waste. Some people think it's perfectly normal
> to invade your home just because you download something or help someone
> else to do it. This is savagery.

	But didn't you say that in the 'civilized' world...? What did you say
about the 'civilized' world? =P

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