[tor-talk] Request for "Tor, king of anonymity" graphic

Roger Dingledine arma at mit.edu
Sun Nov 10 05:29:42 UTC 2013

Hello graphics-inclined readers,

Among the October leaked slides:
was one from (I assume) GCHQ saying that Tor is "Still the King of high
secure, low latency Internet Anonymity" and that "There are no contenders
for the throne in waiting".

I periodically find myself doing presentations for law enforcement
and other government groups (like the NSA talk documented in the above

This clearly calls for a goofy mashup of a crown and the Tor onion, so
I can drive the point home in a memorable way.

Can somebody here mash them up in an attractive way?

For the Tor logo side, you might find something you like in

For any other component images, please use something
Creative-Commons-acceptable or similar. That way we can use it in the
future for, say, an April 1 Tor website too. ;)


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