[tor-talk] Question about running Tor + Tor Browser

Mirimir mirimir at riseup.net
Sat Nov 9 01:53:09 UTC 2013

On 11/08/2013 01:50 PM, Anthony Papillion wrote:

> On 11/08/2013 03:38 AM, Lunar wrote:
>> Anthony Papillion:
>>> I'm helping a friend set up Tor on Xubuntu. He's gotten the non-TBB
>>> package and has Tor set to run each time he logs into his computer (it's
>>> running as a relay).  He also wants to be able to use Tor Browser to use
>>> Tor too. Do I need to manually configure Firefox or is there a way to
>>> get the Firefox in the TBB to run properly when Tor is being run separately?
>> The Tor Browser Bundle and a system-wide Tor should run alongside
>> happily. Just unpack and use the Tor Browser Bundle as you would on
>> another system.
> Hmm. In his case (and in a test case I'm running) if I have Tor running
> already TBB fails when Vidalia starts saying it can't bind to the
> listening ports. This is expected, I'd think, since the ports are
> already in use when the TBB tries to bind to them.
> Am I missing something?

You can change ports on the installed Tor instance. You might also need
to mess with other settings.

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