[tor-talk] Thoughts on Tor-based social networking?

Red Sonja BM-2cTpEdTADjx2bQf6WuuX1CPER78Sq3xL76 at bitmessage.ch
Mon Nov 4 22:52:13 UTC 2013

Sorry, could not help myself. But just try some other shoes. «I support
freedom, but…» is what Stalin, Hitler and any guy worse than Obama said
when started imprisoning people. Bill, my message isn't against you at
all. I read it twice, but I'm too stupid to know how to phrase it
differently. Take it as a contemplation based on your text. If I find
this message as a piece of broken paper on the sidewalk I have the same

Bill Cox:
> - Most of my node traffic seemed to be people watching video.  I 
> support freedom, but they can get their porn and illegally shared 
> videos elsewhere.

Who makes the law? Law abiding means good?

> - An online meeting of mostly blind individuals was griefed by a Tor
>  attacker, who crashed most blind users's computers using known
> crash words.

Maybe the problem is the lack of software. Incompetent design is usually
the issue. Yet people need someone to lynch.

Hitler gets mentioned often when flames start, but his reign of terror
is far better documented than Stalin or Mao. Because the German
politicians dragged the people into a very distructive war, somebody had
to pay. The winners of that war applied the same reasoning as yourself.
Which amplified the problems. The Germans felt bad about their
sittuation. And somebody had to be guilty. It's hard to point the finger
at oneself. So a minority was demonised as the source of all evil and
not the lack of education and the political indifference. So a Holocaust
was born.

> - A web site of mine was hacked by a Tor user.

See above. Own incompetence is good enough to punish somebody else? Sure!

> I want to support free speech and other Internet freedoms, but

You want your freedom. Nobody other's. Don't kid yourself. This does not
mean you are obliged to think this way. Just try.

> unfortunately the world has lots of people who enjoy ruining it for 
> everyone else.  Would it be possible to reduce the griefers by
> having a

A rapist seems to thing precisely the same thing when someone
interferes. Sure, when thinking about self, one can be so much ethicaly
higher than another human.

> social network of Tor based secret identities?  If I could ding a

That is precisely what Tor offers right now.

> griefer's reputation after he attacks my web site or trashes a 
> meeting, that might discourage Tor-based griefing.  If I could 
> specify

But I can bet you would be displeased if that person happens to knock at
your door some day to give you a piece of his mind.

> OpenDNS-like settings for traffic I allow to be routed through my Tor
> node, I could get a lot of the illegal video sharing and porn off my
> router.  If I could specify that only people of a certain level of

STASI guys used to do the same thing. Somehow white middle class
christians had the impression that was bad. But those guys were just
paying the rent and bills. At least most of them.

Sometimes I wonder who is more perverted, the porn obsessed or the
voyeur watching that one through the window.

> reputation can route data through my node, I'd feel better about the
>  encrypted traffic I help route.

So, in the end, history's monsters were just people like others. Reading
this I sense that there are far worse individuals who just can't catch
enough power to do what they would like to do.

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